My name is Derek, a retired Licensed Conveyancer & Commissioner for Oaths, and removed to Spain.   My main interest is in Forex, but for many months I have been trying to find the Holy Grail in backing, laying, and trading horses on Betfair.   I am not a gambler in the sense of the word, my interest in gambling is the investment aspect.

I have just commenced testing the Maestro system which is designed to locate horses which will lose a race, but at odds giving a low liability should unfortunately the horse win the race.    The problem, as you may appreciate, is to lay a runner at the lowest odds (to avoid a high liability) but at the same time to try to avoid the very good chance of the horse winning, and giving rise to the liability payout.

The runner selection criteria is quite basic involving very little form checking, and is a variation on every other laying system published on the internet.    My intention is to carry out selections every day, time permitting, and list the selections on this site.    Given will be the race meeting, race time, the selected horse, and the odds, all listed before noon each day.    As to the odds, being as my selections are taken mid morning, it is possible that the odds just before the race could have shortened or increased, however, being as the odds are almost always short any big odds move would be unlikely.