Final Review

I’ve been testing the Magic Racing bot for nearly four months now and it’s time to draw this to a close.

As with all the bots from this particular vendor, the Magic Racing bot was very easy to set up, installing in seconds and running flawlessly on my virtual server 24/7, so it made it very easy to test.

I used it with a spare Betfair account that had £403.12 in it and left it to run. It did well initially, taking my bank up to over £700 at one point, which looked promising. However, much of the time is was going sideways, giving back as much as it made.

The last couple of weeks has been disasterous giving back everything won over the last 16 weeks

Start Bank: £403.12
End Bank £401.75

Net Profit: -1.37

So at least Betfair made some money out of it in commissions, and no doubt the vendors of Magic Racing Bot made some sales from their promotion back in July. The subscribers, however, have made nothing and anyone taking out a subscription would be well out of pocket after their subs.

I’ve no choice but to fail this one.

You can get The Magic Racing Bot here: