We tested and approved The Whale trading program by Magnetic Trading two years ago when we made a 16% gain during the review period. Now they have just launched their Magnetic Advisor service. This provides the exact trades that they take every day as professioanl traders, transmitted to you in the form of simple buy and sell instructions via their new app.

You don’t have to learn the theory of what they do, all you need to do is place the trades they place in your broker own account. They will guide and manage the trades, for example, asking you to move a stop then tell you exactly when to exit.

This way you can earn whilst you learn to trade.

Here is what Magnetic Advisor includes:

  • Magnetic Advisor App.
  • This includes all their trades that they take in their in-house trading account
  • The same account that is up over 200% in 5 years.
  • These trades include a simple entry, stop and target.
  • They will also manage these trades throughout if they need to move your stop or take some profits out prior to closing the trade.
  • Simple daily report at the beginning of the day to outline the days trading and various key market levels to watch out.
  • Includes trades from over 5 different international markets.
  • Video tips and topical trading content delivered via the app.
  • A complete learning centre to get you started with your trading.
  • Includes how to set up your account.
  • How to get a hold of a brokerage if you need one.
  • Lessons on how to trade like they do.

You will also be invited to their live trading room on select mornings when they will be trading in there together.

Check it out here