A good start and it looks on course. The strike rate so far for NAPs is 75% and for Standard bets, 50%. Also, The NAP doubles’ strike rate stands at 50%. This is a very selective service to ensure a high strike rate; so there are days without bets.

I’ll get straight to the detailed stats.

NAP Singles: 4 bets, Wins 3, Strike Rate 75%, Profit 2.84 pts.

NAP Doubles: 2 bets, Wins 1, Strike Rate 50%, Profit 3.25 pts.

NAP Triples: 1 bet, Wins 0, Strike Rate 0%, Profit – 1pt.

NAP Quadruples: No bets yet.

Standard Singles: 2 bets, Win 1, Strike Rate 50%, Profit – 0.13 pts.


Starting Bank: 100 pts

Current Bank: 104.96 pts.

Profit/Loss: +4.96 pts.

Return on Bank: +4.96 %

Next update on/around May 11th.

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