Firstly I will go over the figures since the last update on 6th October. Since 7th October til the 16th November 2014 there were 163 selections with 34 winners, this represents a strike rate of 20%. However the results to SP were -17.925pts so with the previous total of 8.66pts profit brings about a net loss of -9.265 at SP.

The review started on 24th July so the figures are disappointing as I was quite hopeful that this would be a good service to follow. I think if we had been using Betfair SP or BOG bookies then a small profit could’ve been made but the service seemed to be recording their results at SP initially so I went with that.

On the 13th November I noticed that the service had renamed itself & was now called Early Market Movers as opposed to Market Movers on the Stark Investors website. I quickly glanced at their results & had spotted some monthly figures which had now changed to the good. For example under the old market movers system for July represented a loss of -£1845 whereas the new Early market movers site was now stating a profit of £3480 (based on £100 bets). To make things even more confusing the past results appeared now to be calculated at BOG. I also had a discrepancy of results for 1st November. The email I rec’d on that date stated 5 selections but on the now Early Market Movers results this was down as 2 (which were amongst those in the 5 I had listed, 1 being a winner). With the change in name, selections & method of recording profit I found the whole thing totally dishonest. They appear to have turned this into a superstar service with no losing months (where they had previously recorded July as a loser).

I did make an attempt with Stark Investors for an explanation & I was hoping to continue to receive the emails until the end of November especially as the number of selections had seemed to reduce which I thought might be more favourable to it’s outcome. Anyway the last email was on 16th November, selections have since ceased & I have had no reply to my email with regards to the discrepancies & other points.

I have no hesitation in recording this service as a failure & I would not recommend joining any of their services until they can be more upfront & actually have their results proofed by a reliable source.

Early Market Movers is no longer available.