Firstly let me apologise this has taken so long, the change in VAT has impacted my car business heavily and the website has had to be upgraded so writing an update has been down the list sadly. Anyway back now and all results recorded since the new year so here we go.

After the festive break we started the year with a new bit of kit on the IG Index to get used to. Happily it will help, essentially giving us a timing countdown to the next candlestick which helps us to track the changes integral to making the strategy worked. I have found analysing the candlesticks much easier since IG’s advancement.

One small point, Nick’s daily e-mails cannot be underestimated, they will help you learn where you are going wrong and he seems genuinely motivated to see us suceed with the method rather than taking the money and never hearing from him again as so many before him.

Trading commencement:

4th Jan 2010 Bad start to the year – 9 pips for me and being that I hadn’t traded for a while I didn’t have the confidence to dip back in. Nick’s official results show a -1 pip as he managed to recover some of the losses

5th Jan 2010 break even day, 1 x 20 pip loss, and loss recovered in next trade, if I had the guts to see it out would have made the 20 pips for the day but I was happy to be back at break even

6th Jan 2010 No trade day for me, volatile market due to a US announcement, official results + 3 pips

7th Jan 2010 Long trade but 20 pips achieved

8th Jan 2010 Due to Non Farm Payrolls on the 1st Friday of every month, Nick recommends to treat today as a no trade day

11th Jan 2010 plus 20 pips

12th Jan 2010 easy singal today and 20 pips profit to boot

13th Jan 2010 chickened out on a volatile trade but exited with 10 pips

14th Jan 2010 another volatile day so I never entered a trade, official results would have seen a 20 pip profit

15th Jan 2010 20 pips

Thats me almost up to date a fairly average start to the year but still showing a profit and thats good enough for me