Apologies for the late post on this, I have had meetings galore this week in my normal line of work and have been playing catch up! So we are going to analyse this week thus far

Monday – + 20 pips for me although I am not entirely sure it wasn’t a fluke as I got in early on a trade that the system wouldn’t necessairly have allowed, a very volatile market throughout the evening with large candlestick movements. I ended with a different trade to the official results but both would have allowed the daily target

Tuesday – I got my first bit of confidence today with a successful trade following the rules to the letter, however, Nick later advised he didn’t take the trade due to a news announcement earlier in the day. Just as with Keith Cotterill’s UFXP, you need to watch the news before entering the trades which can be frustrating. Nick points out there was a successful trade a while later, but as I had reached my daily target I did not get on this myself, but promising in that if you trade on all signals there could have been 40 pips for the day.

Wednesday – No trades due to a news announcement in the US regarding interest rates.

Official results + 40 pips

On a side note Nick also e-mailed me an additional reading suggestion, I have just e-mailed him to check he is happy for me to share this, and if so, I will post on tomorrow’s entry.

Opinion so far

I am actually very encouraged so far, it may look like I am getting different trades, however, this is a learning process and it is easy to see trades I have missed when the screenshots come across.