Today I am going to provide a preview of the Markets Mastered Course. I have had the course for a few weeks now but due to an impending wedding date and recent office move I havent been able to test the course in a live environment. I will be starting the live test in the 2nd week of December upon my return from honeymoon; however, Graham has asked that I put something down with regard to first impressions to date, so here we go:

What you need to know about the system:

This system is designed specifically for those tied down to a 9 – 5 job and cannot trade during the day. You will need to open a spread betting account to trade with, specifically one, so that you can set up the charts accordingly. The cost of the manual is £89 with a 3 week money back guarantee. You will be trading the S & P 500

First impressions:

The manual is aimed at those with at least a minimum understanding of the stock markets, within the 1st few pages the author refers to Fibonacci lines and pivot points, so I would strongly suggest visiting a few free sites to gain an understanding of the markets first. The S & P mainly deals with American stocks.

Once the introduction is out of the way, you are shown how to set the charts up for the strategy to work. This is very straight forward so you shouldnt have any problems in setting these up yourself. From my initial dealings with Nick at Markets Mastered, e-mails are dealt with promptly and efficiently so any initial sticking points will be resolved quickly anyway.

Onto the trading signals, the manual moves quickly away from the charts and onto the signals involved with making a trade successful. We are essentially looking for signals to either indicate a price reversal e.g. the price goes the other way, or a signal to indicate the price has consolidated and thus will continue to go in the same direction. These will take a while to get your head around but you always have the manual to refer back to if unsure. There are plenty of detailed examples in the manual to follow but like anything it will only be once you actually start trading or paper trading that you will start learning. The daily target is 20 pips, so depending on the amount you trade per pip, this strategy could make you £1000 a week at £10 a pip (assuming every day is successful).

At the end of each day or the beginning of the next, Nick will send a screenshot of the days trades so you can match your own results to him. If the initial results can be matched in a live trading environment, this will definitely be a system to watch

Additional Notes:

* Trade S & P 500

* Use one spreadbetting account to set up charts

* Aim for 20 pips profit per day and then finish trading

* Trade between 5pm – 9pm

Trial to begin 2nd week in December so I will post my daily results from then on