5th -£34
 6th -£50
 7th -£180

Total Profit:-£925

Well I’ve been testing Martin Bishop Racing for a full two months now and my subscription to this service has been cancelled without a word from them about it.

During the test the daily e-mails were sent in timely fashion and in the first few days I made a profit. It then went pear shaped going £1290 into the red at one point on £20 per point stakes. The last few weeks did claw back some of these losses but not enough to make a difference.

I would have preferred it if they had kept me on the subscription list for another month or two. I mean, we all know horse racing is up and down, so if they had confidence in the long term quality of their information then it would make sense to let me test it for longer.

As it stands, based on the two month trial period I had for this service, I have to confine it to the Failed section.

You can join Martin Bishop Racing here: