“Time to make some serious money”

This was the subject line of an email I received back in August. Martin published results from one month’s bets to £50 stakes to over £20,000 for wins, places and place lays on Betfair. Although one month’s results are never enough to go on, and these results were not independently verified, I have been in contact with Martin for many years and although there have been one or two niggling doubts (hence I have not retained any subscriptions to past systems), he certainly doesn’t come across as a rip-off artist, so I decided to give this a trial.

Unfortunately, at the end of the year, the emails stopped coming and Martin hasn’t responded to my enquiries. Of course, it’s possible that something has happened to Martin and he has good reason not to respond, but since we now have five months of unpromising results, it ‘s a good time to sign this off.


On System 1 there have been 40 runners, 4 winners, 9 places, two NRs for a BSP return of -29.5 points

On System 2 there have been 22 runners, 3 winners, 7 places for a BSP return of  -0.8 points

The Place Lay system is being monitored rather than added to official returns.

Place Lay system is 13 selections, two NRs and 7 successful lays for -.75 points

Additionally, the accas come to -41.46 points and the reverse forecasts to -4 points

Not much point in working out returns on investment, etc, as this obviously failed.

So, the service really didn’t live up to its own hype. I have to say I find it very hard to see how such a successful system should suddenly turn sour as soon as it goes live. And this is not the first time I’ve had this experience with Martin. Some of you may remember Handicap Gold being sold through Canonbury Publishing in 2010, where the sales pitch was What would you do with an extra £3,902 a month tax-free? I signed up to this, but that service disappeared for the same reason. Or his Handicap Trade Secrets which still seems to be available, but which results are updated to April 2015.

For me, then, if Martin wants to take his services forward, they need to be much more transparent and independently verified. As far as this service goes, it’s clearly a fail. And if something has happened to him, I wish him a speedy recovery.