I have been looking at Master Racing Tipster from the Betting Gods stable. The selections, if there are any, are emailed the evening before in order to capitalise on the bookies early prices. The email contains staking advice and also points to the bookie with the best price.

I used £20 stakes based on a £1,000 starting bank, so ending on £260 profit (13 points) is very nice as this is an increase of 26% in 12 weeks. However, this does not allow for subscription fees. There is a £230 for life subscription offer, and this would have been paid off, food for thought!

The Strike Rate at 25% is well under the published average of 38%, so “commentators curse” may have been a factor and I may have been unlucky to hit one of this service’s rougher periods. The official results show August was unusually poor.

There are two elephants in this room that cannot be ignored however.

Firstly, you have to get the advised prices, and these do not last for long. Taking Betfair SP is not an option. That means your early evenings are tied in to waiting for the selections email (of course you could do this via mobile). I managed an average odds of 4.49 where the advised average is 5.0; so it is possible to get fairly close. However, the profit noted above would be reduced slightly.

Betfair prices are available at close to advised odds but there is no liquidity in the evening before the races.

Secondly, I feel the quickest way to get an online account gubbed is to bet on horse racing, especially where you regularly beat SP. So you’ll need to keep the stakes sensible and put other traffic through the account to delay the day when you get the dreaded “account limited” email.

All in all though, I am going to give this an approved rating.Approved2

You can subscribe to Master Racing Tipster here:



Update November 2016

We reviewed and approved this service back in October 2014 so I figured it was time for an update to see how it has performed over the last two years.

Since the 1st October 2014, Master Racing Tipster has gone onto produce a further profit of 399.15pts, so just under £4000 to £10 stakes.

Happily this remains in the Approved section and would seem to be a worthwhile addition to anyones betting portfolio.

You can try Master Racing Tipster for £1 here: