It’s been three months of footballers doing home workouts. Three months of scratching about for bets but finally the REAL football is back!

Over the last three months we had the Vysshaya Liga in Belarus which, for a while, seemed to be the only sport going on anywhere.

More recently we’ve had the Bundesliga, which has provided some superb entertainment.

But now we can see the resumption of the action in England and the rest of the top European Leagues, we’re going from a drought of live sporting action to an absolute torrent of wall to wall action.

  • There are 92 games to be played to finish the 2019/2020 Premier League season before they can think about starting the new season.
  • All 92 will be shown live.

That’s before we even start to talk about Cup competitions and the Euro Leagues.

Sky has 64 matches, BT Sport 20, Amazon Prime 4 and the BBC will show 4 live games. Meaning it’ll be the first time since the 1987-88 season that top flight English football will be shown live on the channel.

What this means is that I expect to be bombarded with offers from the bookies, and that it will be a very busy time betting wise with the potential to make a lot of profit.

However it’s not like followers of Matchdayprofits have been doing so badly…

They’ve found a few offers that they’ve been able to absolutely smash over the last few weeks in particular.

Take Betfair Bet £10 get £5 on Multiples offer, for example. Since the 15th May they’ve advised 17 selections for this offer, the £10 “qualifying bets” returned a profit of £16.72. That gave us 17 x £5 Freebets. They found 7 winners with those 17 £5 bets returning £120.54, so we banked £137.26 from this one offer from just 17 bets and 17 free bets.

Now regular “risk free” matched betting would have also yielded a profit from these bets. But taking into account the small losses on the qualifying bets and having to cash out a multiple bet, the profit would have been only about £35.

This is just one offer from one bookie.

Overall they’ve added £464 to the season’s profit total since the start of May. These profits are not unusual – they’ve been doing this season after season.

Now unfortunately not everyone can take advantage of these offers – if you’ve been restricted with a lot of bookies I’m sorry there’s not much in this for you.

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