I purchased this product myself during the UEFA Euro Cup (Soccer) on June 10th, 2020 and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s one of my favourite betting products. When I saw that Cash Master was promoting it, I decided to review my results to date for CM members as well as monitor it more officially moving forward.

In a nutshell, MDP is a mixture of matched betting and value betting. Paul Ruffy who runs the service gives out qualifying bets for matched betting. However, differing notably from the usual matched betting outlets, he gives value bets for the bonuses mostly in the form of accumulators or bet builders. This has two advantages: a) more long-term profit than simple matched betting; and b) your bookmaker accounts will last longer before being bonus gubbed. It’s also a lot more fun and a lot less tedious. Stand-alone value bets are also given for certain boosted odds offers. Bets are given by email and also on the MDP website.

It is important to be aware that I have experienced losing streaks as not every value bet is a winner. But my long-term profit trend has always been upward. During the course of my experience with MDP, I’ve used the following bookies: William Hill, Betfred, Betfair Xchange, Betfair sportsbook, Live Score Bet, Virgin Bet, Boylesport, 888sports, 32red, Paddy Power, Bet Victor, Vickers, BetUK and more. How long a bookie lasts before being bonus gubbed has varied from a few weeks to still being fully usable after more than 33 and a half months. Mug betting will help longevity with some of them.

Betting advice is given out most days of the week usually late morning and/or early afternoon, and/or late afternoon depending on what’s on. One can spend a half-hour or more on particularly busy days (mostly weekends or big sporting occasions) and a few minutes on quieter days.

£3096.24 is the gross profit that I have made. After service costs (£336), that gives a net profit of £2760.24. I did not follow every single bet that Paul advised and I lost some value on accumulators as their odds often drop if not taken immediately. No doubt if I’d followed every bet I would have made more profit, but been gubbed sooner on some accounts. My net profit was obtained with only a single set of ungubbed starting accounts.

MDP can be used as a stand-alone service or it can work particularly well with a service like Bonus Bagging (from Mike Cruickshank and reviewed and approved by CM – see blog). Most of the advised bets are on soccer and horse racing but other sports’ bonus offers are used too. As part of MDP, one also receives each-way horse racing value tips on some days, but I have not been following these.

You are going to need ungubbed accounts to take advantage of these offers, but did you know that many bookies are partner-friendly?  Meaning someone you live with at the same address would also be entitled to freebies and offers.

I’ve no hesitation in awarding this a pass. And I will provide further updates with my usual stats moving forward.

The Official extended review began on 16th February 2023. At this point, I have set up one additional account for Betfair and one for paddy power to replace gubbed ones.

The cost of MDP is £67.00 for three months or £197 for one year.

You can sign up here


Accumulators: these involve more than one selection on a bet, which basically requires all selections to win.

Betbuild bets: this allows punters to pick from multiple markets for a single event across a range of sports and combine them into one bet.

Mug betting: this strategy is designed to make a customer look like a regular punter and involves placing a bet when no promotion or bonus is involved. You can still lay your bet off on Betfair or Smarkets etc. to ensure any losses are limited and it is well worth sacrificing small percentages for the sake of keeping your accounts ungubbed and making more profit in the long term.