This will be the only update following the service’s approval in February 2023. It covers the period 16 February – 4 April 2023 (just under seven weeks). During this period, I placed 192 bets which included matched qualifiers and free bets placed on value tips. I made £271.03. For paying subscribers that would equate to a net profit of £244.40.

Due to account restrictions, I made use of some bookies not currently utilized in MDP such as BetUK, Zedbet, Highbet, Vickers (Free Bet Club), and Fitzdares to generate some of the free bets.

During the same time period, MDP officially made £362.63 with only 135 bets. A person who had access to the following ungubbed accounts – Betfred, Paddypower, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Midnite, and Betfair Sports Book – would have been able to make very close to this amount if putting in the appropriate effort. There may have been some loss of value (up to 5%) if some of the bets were not placed immediately. The time taken would be about 20-30 mins a day on average, this includes record keeping. MDP does provide a spreadsheet to assist in record keeping.

Overall, I have made £3004.24 (after players’ subs) after almost 34 months, almost entirely with one set of bookie accounts. It is worthwhile to learn how to place mug bets as they, in my experience, do lengthen bonus opportunities in many bookies. Mug betting is covered in MDP. The graph below shows my bank movement over the seven weeks. One can see that there are losing periods – as unlike a typical matched betting approach it does not move upwards in a near-straight line.

The service remains strongly approved.

The cost of MDP is £67.00 for three months or £197 for one year.

You can sign up here.