This is a fully automated, completely passive, Betfair betting service. All you do is sign up, link your Betfair account, and switch it on.

Mercurius use artificial intelligence to consistently find value in the football betting markets and then place value bets directly on your account.

It uses a sensible 1% of bank stake and, because it always bets on value selections, is mathematically guaranteed to profit over the long term.

There is a small 2% management fee when you sign up, so for example a £1000 betting bank would cost you just £20 to get started. You pay this fee annually. After that you only pay when you make a profit. Mercurius take 30% of any profit you make and, of course, you only pay after the money is made and in your account.

I’ve been using the service for 6 months so far and it’s been flawless. My initial £1000 bank has increased to £1,362 so that’s a 36% return which I’m over the moon with. Of course 30% of the profit is deducted for service fees but that still leaves me with a tasty profit for doing zero work. I will run this for a full year and then seriously consider putting a much larger bank to work as I know it will make a profit mathematically.

I have no hesitation in approving this service. It ticks all the boxes for me in terms of reliability, transparency and as another passive income stream to add to my portfolio.

I met with one of the founders of Mercurius TradR and you can see my little chat with him here:

You can join Mercurius TradR here