Todays Selections

2:45 Listowel Dawla 1.98 1st -£7.50

3:25 Navan Japura 2.1 3rd +£6.82

5:10 Hereford Pipers Hayes 2.22 2nd +£6.15

2 losers from 3 bets today at least we ended the test with a profit for the day. The bank ended up with £160.78 left in it.


With this system, what I can say? It has made a loss of £39.22 over the course of the month. We could put this down to me not reading the sytem properly or the author not making it clear enough for me to understand. If you remember at the beginning I did swap and change abit of when to make the bets. Whether I should do them in the morning or just before the off. For me I did find better results by making the bets around 1pm each day before the day started.

I would like to also point out I know of a backing system that backs the same races that we would lay on in a similar way with a similar set of rules. We’ve got 1 person who has made a laying system from maiden races who reckons you can make a profit and another backs the same races reckons he makes a profit doing that. Who’s right?

I personally wouldn’t be using this system for the moment but I wouldn’t say to disregard it all together. I think it would be worth giving it another test at some point. Some of the reasons Jon gives for choosing Maiden races and why you should lay on them does make alot of sense. This month may have just been a bad month and I think at some point I would be willing to give it another test or maybe somebody else would like to test it for a month. If it did turn out to be a good system over all with picking lays with odds at low prices like it does you could well be on to a winner. I think for the moment this system should go into the neutral section.

You can get the Midas Maiden Method here: