Todays Selections

2:30 Nottingham Rebel Acclaim 1.92 3rd +£8.15

3:10 Lingfield Barraland 2.44 1st -£7.50

4:00 Chester Azeema 2.68 1st -£7.50

4:10 Nottingham Truly Enchanting 1.81 2nd +£9.26

5.55 Wexford Harcus Six Zero 2.06 4th +£7.08

6:55 Wexford Trinidad 1.72 3rd +£10.42

Thats a much better result today with 6 races and 4 losers. After looking at the early prices today and re-checking them again just before the off it seems that with this system you need to do it in the morning rather than leaving it to just before the race starts. 1 or 2 of these selections would not have been selections just before the off where they were this morning. In the same way checking the other maiden races today there could off been another couple of selections added to these but at least 1 won off them won for sure. I’m definitely going to stick with placing the bets in the morning for the rest of this testing. The betting bank has now gone upto £166.58, I’m going to keep the liability at £7.50. I will be around tomorrow betting but not Sunday.