Todays Selections

 7:15 Thirsk Gold Hush 1.75 1st -£7.50

8:30 Warwick Oramas Ghost 2.16 3rd +£6.47

8:45 Thirsk Expensive Detour 1.9 1st -£7.50

Not a good day today but when I took the selections these were the only 3 that fitted. During the course of the day there were some more possible selections that could off been taken. As I have said I’m going to take the early priced ones this is what we ended up with. I’m going to carry on doing it this way because of what I have noticed we seem to get better results this way but I will still be keeping my eye on the other possible selections during the day just to confirm this. I know that at least 1 of the possible selections did win it’s race but I’ll be taking a much closer look at this as of next week. The bank has now gone down to £158.05. I’ll be back Monday.