Hi Everybody

My name is Alex Shaylor this month I’m going to test out the Midas Maidens system, which was written by Jon Bismarx the same person that wrote The Bank Vault Report. This system looks at the Maiden races that occurs during a day of racing. We shall be laying a certain horse from some of these maiden races. I will be starting with a bank of £200 and betting with a liability of 5% of the bank, I will re-adjust this everytime the account goes up or down by £50. This means I will start with a liability of £10 if the account goes up to £250 I will adjust the liability to £12.50 and if it goes down to £150 the liability will change to £7.50. I shall be running it Mon-Fri and possibly any weekend that I’m about and betting but I will keep you informed if I’ll be around on the weekend.

Todays Selections

2:30 Southwell Cedar Mountain 1.7 1st -£10

5:50 Exeter In The Lead 2.5 PU +£6.67

6:05 Catterick Tan Bonita 1.9 1st -£10

7:50 Exeter Celebrity Call 2.2 1st -£10

8:35 Catterick Pennyrock 1.77 1st -£10

I would just like to point out that today I didn’t actually bet on these horses, I’ve just taken the results down this evening, these odds are not exact to what I might have got on Betfair. Not a good start today with this system but it is only the first day. The betting bank is now showing £166.67. We shall see what happens tomorrow.