I have been looking at the Midas Method, a horse racing system costing £47.

The manual is poorly written and a difficult read, but, I think I have extracted three systems. I am only looking at the first system, as the other two are variations.

The system is mainly for folks who can watch each race live as it relies on the odds just before the off. One of the variants, however, is based on the odds at around noon, so this system could be used by the 9to5ers.

The system also relies on the Racing Post, although the free online version available after 9-30 a.m. is acceptable.

All bets were each-way and I used Betfair and Betfair SP and Place prices to record results. I also deducted 5% from winnings to cover Betfair commission. I used a £10 flat stake and also a cumulative stake based on a £1,000 start bank and staking 3% per bet (calculated at the start of each day).

The final week was, regrettably, the worst of the 8 and the trial has ended only £52.34 up, however this covers the cost of the product. The cumulative bank was a healthier £136 up.

I believe the manual encourages all bets to be made “each-way”, which on Betfair means bets in both the Win and Place markets. However, if you only do this where the Win odds are 6 or greater, the overall profit is a much healthier £196, and the cumulative bank is up £482.

If you can spend the time to watch the races and therefore identify selections this is a nice little winning system, and is approved on that basis. If you know a friendly coder, this system will lend itself to a bot quite easily; I feel a little coding project coming on! The lunchtime variant could be workable too, and it may be worth availing oneself of this to have a look.

You can get the Midas Method here: