I mentioned this Bitcoin Vault mining pool at the end of last year as I had bought a couple of shares to see how it would perform. As I expected, the mining returns on Bitcoin are really poor but the good news is, the Bitcoin Vault returns seem to be exceptional at the moment.

My BTCV share didn’t actually start mining until the beginning of March because, at the time, there was a 90 day lead in. Now that has been reduced to 10 days which makes this far more attractive. Still, given that I only started mining BTCV at the beginning of March I’ve already mined $1,875 worth at current prices, on a $500 share. So I’m already well in profit with around another 1400 days worth of mining left on the contract, which is nearly four years. It’s now free money for as long as it runs.

And yes, I’ve successfully withdrawn the BTCV that I’ve mined.

I’ve done a short update video here:

You can try Mining City here

UPDATE: Please note that I neglected to check my referral earnings when recording this short video so my figures include those. I’ve just checked my actual mining earnings alone and these are 6.13110606 BTCV, so my return at today’s value (31st May) is $1,134. Still excellent.