I have decided to end this review one 1 week early.  I had intended to continue for the 4th week as normal, however the regular moneyline email I received this morning has changed my mind.  It reported a break even trade for last Friday (28th September), which was simply not achievable.  Price action on Friday just did not return to a point where the trade could have been closed for anything other than a loss. Jason Alexander obviously wants to report trades like this so that it shows a better rate of success, but for anyone that takes just a simple look at the actual trades, you will see it is not correct and so all it does is just destroy any credibility he may have had.

So I am going to give this system a NEUTRAL rating. The results after 3 weeks of actual testing, resulted in small profit with a bank of £2089.9.  The starting bank was £2000 so that is 4.5% profit. I was risking no more than 2% of the bank per trade. There are potentially 2 trades per day and I tested for 3 weeks. So out of a potential 30 trades, I had 7 profit trades, 8 loss trades and 15 “no trades”.

The strategy, I think, might work over time, but it is very combersome to operate.  It is not really possible to do this if you have a full time (or even part time) job as whilst you can setup alerts to warn you of a potential entry and exit, you have to be there at your computer to physically open and close the trades.

The analysis videos are all recorded with the benefit of hindsight. Anyone can look at a chart and tell you what you should have done, so they are no help at all. The analysis needs to be done genuinely at the point of entry and exit for them to be useful.

Further, the official “independent trader results” are, in my opinion, not the results of someone trading this strategy, but are cherry picked to show what is the maximum that you could have achieved, had you been able to trade the strategy taking the best entries and exits.

I’ll be honest and say, I wanted to give it a fail because of what I felt were misleading results and videos. However a FAIL is reserved for systems that really lose money.  The Money-Line probably won’t lose you a lot of money, but it certainly won’t make you rich, therefore it gets a Neutral rating.

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