Hi All,

New reviewer signing in for the first time.  I’ve worked in the financial industry for some time and Graham has asked me to take a look at Money-Line from Jason Alexander.  “Again?” I hear you cry. Yes, Money-Line has already been reviewed here, but it didn’t actually make it to being live tested.  So, I’ve been asked to take another look and give it a fair go. So, what are my first impressions?

Well, initially the material appears quite comprensive. There is an 80 page manual and several videos to describe the strategy, plus daily review videos. The manual starts with a basic strategy before moving onto more advanced ways of tweaking the strategy in order to attempt to make more profit. The manual is written in what I consider to be, a techncial manner.  It has lots of diagrams and actually, some beginners might struggle to understand the information within.  Rather than explaining the strategy in any great detail, the first 30 pages or so, explain how to set up the charts and alerts. There is just a 1 page summary of the basic strategy at the beginning, and another 2 pages later on summarising the entry and exit.

The strategy requires a small amount of analysis in the morning, maybe 5-10 minutes and then after you have setup the alerts, you simply wait until an alert is triggered. However, this is not a strategy that you can set in the morning and go to work, or look at in the evening. All the trades have to be entered and then monitored and closed manually, so you have to be at your desk to be able to enter the trade at the right time. There is mobile access to the trading platform, but that might not be practical for a lot of people, so it is possible this strategy won’t suit everybody.

The manual sets up charts and directs you how to trade this strategy using IG Index as a broker and it would appear that only IG index can be used.  This is because they provide a particular set of binary charts (that I could not find with any other broker) that appear to be integral to the strategy.  Further, IG Index don’t offer any demo accounts, so you have to open a live account and actually trade this strategy live just to try it out!  I thought this was going to be a bit of a brick wall.  Fortunately, I have prior experience working with binaries and I was able to separate the strategy into its constituents and determine that it is possible to trade it using any binary spread betting broker, however that is far from clear from the manual and certainly any beginner would think it is only possible with an IG Index live account.

So, this week I will start putting it into action. It trades only the GBPUSD and EURUSD so a maximum of 2 trades per day. I will only use the basic strategy, as it has a simple set of rules for entry and exit. My intention is to test this for approximately 4 weeks as there is a 30 day period allowed for a refund.

You can try The Money Line for 30 days risk free here: