As we’ve been following this service for two whole months it’s time to wrap it up and make a decision.

This is mainly a football tipping service, a couple of tennis tips were advised, that sends selections direct to your email inbox.

The emails generally arrive between mid morning and mid afternoon and are clearly written, easy to follow and concise. I have found the back up admin of the site helpful and quick to respond.

The tips themselves have been disappointing. We started off with a 100 point betting bank but within a week of the start of the trial an email was sent saying to reduce all stakes to 1/10th of the old value. In effect meaning they now advise a 1000 point bank. I must admit that I thought this a quite bad omen as it felt a little under prepared.

The tips themselves concentrate on all the usual football market, straight win, under/over, both to score, asian handicap etc and the price they advise in the email has always been at or below a level you can find by shopping around.

Toward the end of the trial we started to receive bets including 3,4 or 5 fold accumulator bets. I was not at all keen on these as they did give the impression of a bit of desperation creeping in. None of these multiple bets won and so it just made the road to recovery harder.

Dealing with hard facts rather than opinion, we can see that the bank very rarely crept into profit and by the end of the trial a loss of 24 points had been made. When you consider that for the majority of the trial we were betting at or below half a point stakes and the average advised price was 2.41 you can see that it is going to be a very long journey back to any kind of profit.

Around midway through the first month I received bets that were advised at 10 points instead of the usual 1 point max. I did have an email a day or so later showing that these should have been 1 point bets and that actual customer emails did go out with this lower figure and it was only the review copies that went out incorrectly. I do believe this to be true as I saw the customer version and it did indeed say 1 point, however I had already published my spreadsheet for the higher amount and decided to leave it as it had been advised and make a note of it at the end of the trial. So a true figure would actually be 9 points higher than our end of trial balance but still a very significant loss.

In total there were 207 bets provided of which 83 won giving a strike rate of 40.1% with average odds of all selections being 2.41. The average odds of winning selections was 2.11, so it’s sad to say this is just not performing well and when you have to take subscription fees into account then I’m affraid that this has to be filed under FAILED.

I will leave my final spreadsheet of results available for viewing here:


You can try Money Machine here: