Apologies for no post earlier in the week, however here are the results from Monday to Saturday & my review at the end:-

Sunday 20/7

No bet day

Monday 21/7

Bev 6.30  Metroland WON 4/6  +£61.62 (£92.44 Stake)  

Wind 8.20 Rhadegunda Lost  -£92.44

Loss for day = £30.82

Revised bank = £1818.04

Next stake = £90.90

Tuesday  22/7

G Leigh 7.50 Evalyn May  WON 2/5  £36.36

Revised bank = £1854.40

Next stake = £92.72

Wednesday 23/7

Sand 7.40 Main Aim Lost   -£92.72

Revised bank = £1761.68

Next stake = £88.08

Thursday 24/7

San 5.00 Detonator Lost  -£88.08

Revised bank = £1673.60

Next stake = £83.8

Friday 25/7

No bets

Saturday 26/7

Newc 2.20 Royal Executioner Lost  -£83.68

Newm 4.05 Annopolis Lost -£83.68

Newm 4.40 Always Bold WON Eves £83.68

As 5.30 Candela Bay Lost  -£83.68

Loss for day = £167.36

Final Bank = £1506.24

Frustrating final day for the system on Saurday as there were winners at 4/1, 2/1 & 3/1 which didn’t quite meet the system requirements.

Review of the System

In the early part of the system tests we did quite well & our betting bank accelerated using the 5% staking plan which based on the historic strike rate of 60+% was quite acceptable. However it must be stated that just prior to starting the tests the system hit it’s worst losing run of 11. Prior to that the longest losing run I believe was 6. If we had started the tests a week earlier then the system would’ve run at a loss.

There were also numerous winners which didn’t meet the system requirements because they drifted & in my opinion we actually get better value & prices when they win. I’m not comfortable with backing selections at odds on & there were many occassions during the tests when they got beat or added little value to the bank when winning.

I believe that in the long term the system will make you profits & the weather has been interchangeable during the past few months which doesn’t help. In order to operate this system you also need an extreme amount of patience as you can see from our tests our bank has been in decline for the past two weeks & I’m not sure how many people out there would’ve been able to get through this period without baling out.

What we must remember is that the past results have been good & I have no doubt to disbelieve them however at this time of year I would’ve expected the results to be better & this has not been the case. I can’t really recommend it myself mainly due to the low odds which the system targets. I think a better idea would be to make some adjustements to the system with an odds range of Evens say to 4/1 & just back all the potential qualifiers. The strike may drop to 30%-40% but you might pick up some niced price winners along the way.

I can’t really put the system in the approved section however had I run the tests at a better time & not experienced the losing run of 11 it would’ve probably gone in there. Yes our bank was in profit during the period of the tests but the period prior to the start was a disaster & the last two weeks have been below par. For that reason I will get this moved to the neutral section and hope you have find this revew helpful.



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