Following the advice of the author yesterdays losing bet was not strictly a bet according to the system. There is one particular filter which is recommended which I did not apply & hence made the losing selection accordingly.

For the purposes of this test I will include the losing bet as we had another at the beginning of the test which entered a similar situation to yesterdays but actually won. At the end of the test we can see whether it would’ve been more profitable to include or exclude that final filter.

Todays bets were as follows:-

San 3.25  Zacinto WON 5/6  £51.01 (£61.22 stake)

War 4.55  Tasheba WON 4/6  £40.81 (£61.22 stake)

Sals 8.10 Servoca Lost 6/4  -£61.22

Sals 9.10 Quotation WON 4/7  £34.98

Profit = £65.58

Revised bank = £1290

Next stake for qualifying races will be £64.50