Apologies for the delay in not posting, here are Saturdays results & I am just waiting to find out what the selections were for earlier today although I do know that the evening selection won at 8/11. As soon as I know I will update the blog again. Yesterday was a no bet day.

Level stakes of £64.50 appiled as our bank carried over was £1290 ( we are using 5% staking at end of day )

San 5.05 Main Aim WON 4/6  £43

Leic 5.30 Love In An Elevator WON 2/1 (not a selection under the strict guidelines)  £129

Bev 5.45 Barbary Boy WON 7/4   £112.87

Carl 7.35 Metroland WON 6/5   £77.40

Profit for day = £362.27

Revised bank = £1652.27

A clean sweep & some 5.5pts to level stakes on the day, this would’ve been more like 6.5 if using Betfair. GREAT DAY for Money Talks!

Next stake will be £82.61