Hi there

For the next month I will be running the tests for Money Talks. Without going into too much detail the system is a system relating to market movements and certain trainers. The odds will be in the range of 1/5 and upto a maximum of 2/1. The system concentrates on backing these horses either to win or place. For the period April 2007 to April 2008 the claimed strike rate is 67% and for place bets it is 88%. For the purposes of this test I will concentrate on the win bets using 5% (start of each day) of the imaginary £1000 bank on each selection & calculate all wins at SP.

I commenced the test from yesterday & here are the results:-

Win 2.35 Bailey Lost -£50

Newc 3.55 Redford WON 7/4  £87.50

Ches 5.05 Adversity WON 6/4 £75.00

Don 6.40 Tarzan Lost – £50

Don 8.15 Caprivi WON 5/6  £41.66

Profit for day = £104.16

Bank = £1104.16

Stake for tomorrow will be £55.20