Having set up the advised Orders this morning as per txt, I checked back at 11.30, to find that my chart had gapped completely from 10.45 – 11.10, with no prices shown during that time. I was, however, opened at 11.13am at a price 5 pips higher than requested. This subsequently closed at 1.30pm, with a gain of just 7 pips, after spread.

The annoying thing about this, apart from my small return, is that one of my correspondents told me his trade on another platform had opened at 10.54 and closed at 10.57 with the full 13 pips. His complete trade took place in the time I was gapped out, so I am wondering just what happened. Is it that demo accounts don’t keep up with sudden moves? If so, one wonders how viable such a test as this is on demo, with readers saying they have had different results.

For myself, I am not prepared to review any new service or system while trading live and can only report what I see. I can understand a bit of slippage, though 5 pips is too much anyway and gaps such as this morning’s are unacceptable when others don’t suffer them. I’ll change platforms.