I have some very good news for anyone that has been following my progress on the Grey Horse Bot MR2 selections.

First of all an update.

To date this bot has made me an overall profit of £4,650.55 from a starting bank of £500 just over two months ago. This figure would have been well over £5000 by now but I decided to experiment with using it on weekends and managed to lose around £600 over the last three weekends (and Malcolm at GHB did warn me that weekends were not worth doing!).

Also, I used my own money management skills and set the bot to initially stake 2% of bank, and I manually reduced this to 1% and 0.5% as the bank grew.

What’s obvious is that these selections have done extremely well, and if I had been betting to level stakes, it’s made over 400 points profit in that time. So even betting at £10 level stakes, it would have made a profit of over £4000 in two months.

I’ve seen nothing quite like it before.

Well, the MR2 selections were given as a limited time bonus to GHB subscribers and anyone that has been using them has done very well indeed.

Now Malcolm has released a dedicated bot that just bets on these selections, but not only that, it’s been programmed to work even better than before. Not only can you bet on the win market, you can also bet on the place market at a certain price range and this has proven to be very profitable too.

Based on the two months I have already been testing this system I have no hesitation in giving it a big thumbs up. The bot is incredibly simple to download and set up and it can be used on a VPS, switched on and left indefinitely to make money for you.

I will be running the new bot from today.

For consistency, and to allow readers to compare results, I will switch to using level stakes with this new bot, starting at £10 in the win market and £10 in the place market and I’ll do regular updates as I go along.

You can get the new MR2 bot here:


UPDATE January 2013

The team behind this bot have been working tirelessly on finding the best settings to use for maximum profit.

You can find constantly updated results and settings spreadsheets here: