Week #12

A busier week for MRP Energy with some fairly significant moves in the Oil markets – we were able to harvest some good profits during this time.

Fridays trade moved against us fairly rapidly and remained such for most of the day… I am hoping that Monday will turn things around (the trades are currently showing a loss of just under 3% of my start bank , trade stop is provisionally 3.5%)

06-Dec 09-Dec -£4.28 £30.19
09-Dec 09-Dec £53.73 -£12.64
10-Dec 10-Dec -£31.65 £64.94
11-Dec 11-Dec £21.97 £6.71
13-Dec Trade open..

WEEK SUMMARY : 4 winning trades representing a profit for the week of £128.97

Balance  :£3,163 (representing a 26.5% increase on £2500 start bank)