Four profitable trades were taken this week, with two open over the weekend as nither were within the suggested profit range.

NOTE : I believe the trade taken on the 21st, according to ‘official’ published results was closed in profit. However, I was on a site visit that prevented me from accessing my trading platform during the day perhaps not my brightest move, considering I knew beforehand that this would be the case.

15-Nov 19-Nov -£37.25 £50.42
18-Nov 19-Nov -£18.42 £38.85
19-Nov 19-Nov £30.70 -£7.00
20-Nov 21-Nov £75.96 -£48.65
21-Nov Trade open
22-Nov Trade open

The market closed on Friday with both ‘open’ positions just shy of the provisional 3.5% stop I am using, so unless there is a big swing when the markets open later this evening, I am assuming that both these will close at a loss which will dent the balance a tad….

WEEK SUMMARY : 4 winning trades  representing an overall profit for the week of £84.61

Start bank : £1,500

Balance  :£1,837.69 (representing a 22.5% increase on start bank)