WEEK #10

As expected, the trades left open from last weekend hit their stops so the start to this week was not good for me.However, I did let the trades run on despite moving past only slightly their 3.5% provisional stop I have been using
and as Monday morning progressed the market reverted to such an extent that there was an opportunity for me to limit the losses. I didnt want to keep these open waiting to go into profit, fearing it could turn against me again
so I closed for a far smaller loss.

21-Nov 25-Nov -£163.42 £140.71
22-Nov 25-Nov -£76.15 £59.16
26-Nov 26-Nov £21.76 £0.00
28-Nov 29-Nov -£24.79 £43.93
29-Nov 29-Nov -£11.97 £17.80

However, a few further profitable trades during the week did something to redress the balance.
NOTE: I made a mistake in closing the trades on Friday( trades for the 28th/29th). The ETX platform groups the open trades together and when I saw the trades in profit, I closed the ‘consolidated’ trades when I should have inspected each pair to see which was in profit before closing. This explains why the profit for the trade pair on the 29th was comparatively small and could have been bigger.


WEEK SUMMARY : 2 losing / 3 winning trades  representing an overall profit for the week of £7.03

Start bank : £1,500

Balance  :£1,844.72 (representing a 22.9% increase on start bank)