WEEK #12

I missed an opportunity to close my trade on the 10th and left in place for the 11th (which was a No Trade day).
The manual suggests that on a no trade day any open positions are closed, but this is a personal choice. As it was, I left the trades open and the market moved to a point where I thought my provisional stop would be hit, but the market did retrace and by the following morning although I closed out at a loss, obviously of lesser significance than had the stop been hit.

09-Dec 09-Dec £36.88 -£11.50
10-Dec 12-Dec £116.80 -£150.11
12-Dec 12-Dec £8.94 £7.20
13-Dec 13-Dec £26.82 -£10.29


WEEK SUMMARY : 3  winning / 1 losing trade  representing an overall profit for the week of £24.74

Balance  :£1926.72  (representing a 28.4% increase on £1500 start bank)