MRP Strategy

I am starting off 2013 by looking at the Mean Reversion Profit (MRP) Strategy by Martin Carter. This is published by Thames Publication, and like the approved Bread and Butter Trader it is delivered as a printed document via snail mail.

This is a different approach than most ForEx strategies out there as it plays two instruments against each other and does not require a StopLoss.  The member’s website gives you the indicator values, and the recommended action. This site is regularly updated.

Two strategies are covered, one which requires trade monitoring at six set time points throughout the day. These trades are always closed before 9pm each night so as not to incur rollover costs but also have a profit target. The other strategy is a “fire and forget”, where the trade is closed after two days.

I will monitor both strategies and will look to open trades, where applicable, at 7am (London time) each day. It follows that 7am will be the close time for “fire and forget” trades too.

I will not be using the recommended Broker as I have demo accounts for GKFX, so I will use one of them. The only real difference should be the Margin required to trade live, so as I am on demo, there should be no difference at all. However like the recommended Broker, GKFX also allows 10p trades.

I will use £10 lotsizes on Dax, with whatever stake the algorithm in the manual suggests for the other instrument. This will keep the results broadly in-line with the Cash Masters standard £10 per pip for ForEx system reporting. By my estimation you’ll need an account of around £10,000 to operate at this stake, so I will also use a £1,000 account as this is more sensible for beginners.

As with my other ForEx trials I will report weekly and will look to run this for 3 months.

Here goes …



You can get started on your 45-day trial for a payment of £297. This fee is fully refundable should you decide, within the trial period, that MRP Strategy isn’t for you.

Plus you will get 6 months free access to the members only website, where you can check the daily strength signals before placing your trade.

After 6 months, you should be more confident with this strategy, and picking up very sizeable payouts on your trades. At this point, access to the members-only website will continue to be available for a monthly fee of just £12.50 (charged quarterly).