This looks excellent.

Before releasing this to the public last week, this method was given to ten Beta testers to see how they got on with it and the response was incredible. They also ran a live demo account which I’ve been keeping an eye on and it turned £1500 into £1972.82, a 31% return in five months.

This method takes less than ten minutes a day and can be operated whenever you like, either during the day or in the evenings. You can start with a small bank, aiming to win as little as £10 a day if you like, and the strike rate is incredible for a trading system… around 90% winners.

Sounds good?

Well I’ve just ordered my copy and Art will be starting a full blog test on this system in the new year.

The problem is, the publishers are only releasing 250 copies so they can deal with support. They will open again sometime next year, so we’ll have already done a blog test ourselves by then, but if you fancy trialling it yourself in the meantime, on a completely risk free money back guarantee, then have a look at the site and see what you think.