Day 31 & 32
RESULTS for 15th to 16th December

We are now in profit from a couple of heavy hit’s several days ago. I think this is pretty good going, and may well work out as a profitable system. Normally, the trial would end now, but I will continue a little longer and give a summary on the system just before Christmas. My own personal thoughts are that the system had a blip during the middle of the trial, as can be expected with any system or service, and that the service will probably work out in profit: –

15/12/08     1:25 @ Ayr       Something Silver         Lay Odds 5.80         Successful Lay
16th December – No Qualifying Selections

Bank brought forward: –
£1,000.00 Starting bank
£   991.71 Bank brought forward
£     23.55 Profit
£1,015.26 Total Bank to date

Betfair commission of 5% taken in to account on successful lays