Day 33 to 39
RESULTS for 17th to 23rd December

17/12/08          Newbury          River Indus               Lay Odds 8.40      Successful Lay
18/12/08          Exeter             Sprosser                  Lay Odds 4.88      Successful Lay
18/12/08          Exeter             Quickbeam                Lay Odds 4.08      Successful Lay
19th December – No Qualifying Selections
20/12/08          Haydock          Malko De Beaumont   Lay Odds 9.38       Unsuccessful Lay
20/12/08          Ascot              Regal Approach         Lay Odds 11.07     Successful Lay
21/12/08          Carlisle            Manoubi                   Lay Odds 9.38       Successful Lay
22nd December – No Qualifying Selections
23rd December – No Qualifying Selections

Bank brought forward: –
£1,000.00 Starting bank
£1,015.26 Bank brought forward
£   112.74 Profit
£   902.52 Total Bank to date

Betfair commission of 5% taken in to account on successful lays

Trial Summary

The 39 days of the recorded trial have seemed to have flown by.

The results of the My Lay Bets trial have been a little disappointing, and I was hoping to have seen a profit. Around the middle of the trial there were a couple of high priced unsuccessful lays, and although the selections were cleaver enough to recover from the hit, we got another heavy hitting loss this last Saturday, which sent the success of the system in to the red.

The financial result of the trial has left our bank a little worse for wear, showing a 9.75% loss throughout the trial period. All systems and services have their bad months, and we may just have just caught one of those months. The long term results as indicated on the service owners web site does show a profit. My own personal views are that the average lay price is too high to be comfortable with (average price throughout the trial has been 7.11). High lay prices generally don’t offer value, and being successful in the long term requires getting selections that are value.

To use the service effectively, you will have to either have to be able to place your bet just before the off (when you can determine that the odds fall in to the selection qualification criteria), or use a Bot. If you want to use the service as a set in the morning and come back later, you may come across some problems.

Jerry, the service owner of My Lay Bets sends through the days potential selections by email. You can also access the members page of his site for the selections. Not all the potential selections qualify as lay bets though. Jerry says that the selection only becomes a bet if the back SP is between the odds of 2.5 & 9.0. If the selection does come in this bracket, then you pick it as a selection and lay it. Jerrys daily emails are informative, and his attitude is very positive. I believe he is an honest tipster, offering an honest service. Even though we have recorded a loss during the trial, I will categorize this service as a neutral service.

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