Here’s an interesting opportunity that is, as the same suggests, a completely passive income generator. As you may know, I’m particularly attracted to passive income opportunities as it allows me to get on with my life without having to spend time doing things just to make money.

The entry point to this is incredibly low… you can get started with just $10 and you can withdraw as little as $10 so this will suit any risk appetite although I do know one person personally that has invested £14,000 into it!

Essentially you get paid 1% per day, every day, for 125 days.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, as I thought exactly the same thing… this is obviously another ponzi scam right?

Don’t be too hasty though, let’s drill down into this a bit more.

In reality you’re not actually getting 1% per day return on investment because you don’t get your capital back at the end of the term (and I’ll explain why in a minute).

If you invested $1000, you would get paid $10 per day, 7 days a week, for 125 days. You don’t get your initial $1000 back so after 125 days you would have been paid $1250. So your ‘return’ on investment is actually $250, or 25% net profit in 125 days.

This is still very respectable. In 375 days, which is just over a year, that’s a 75% actual return on investment, completely passive too.

But wait… since you get paid every day, and since the minimum investment (after initial investment) is just $5, it’s very easy to re-invest your profits as you go along, compounding your returns dramatically.

For example, if you started with $500, you would get $5 per day. Even after just the first day, you could reinvest that $5, and so the next day earn slightly more. If you kept re-investing every day the figures start to get really interesting. Or you could re-invest 50% and withdraw 50% etc.

So where does the money come from?

Well, according to the website owners, it actually comes from a few things as they have several businesses under the umbrella company, but most of the income is generated from their trading activities in both Forex and Crypto markets and, before you ask, proof of their trading activities is provided every two weeks when they publish a trade report where you can look into all their trades.

Of course, as is always the way when we review things here at CashMaster, there are no guarantees with this sort of thing and we have seen in recent months an opportunity that looked too good to be true that in fact turned out to be so. If you’re tempted to have a punt with this one then, as ever, only ever use funds you’re prepared to lose.

What is encouraging about this one though is the fact that it is so transparent. It’s owned by Polaris Universal Ltd who have a few different products of which My Passive Trades is just one.

It’s run by four individuals, all of whom are on Facebook and have a strong digital footprint:

Darren Bradbury is one of the directors and the company is registered to his actual home address. He has a network marketing background and is very open and runs regular question and answer sessions on Facebook.

Nabil Amrani ia also a director and the master trader specialising in the crypto markets.

John Mattia focusses on one of their other products, Chatabox, which is similar to Facebook.

Lidija Bencina is the Managing Director and she takes care of their YouTube videos and Facebook content.

They also have a loyal community on Facebook which adds credence to the company. The business is just over a year old and growing and the business model itself appears to be sustainable as they are making more from their trading and other business activities than they are paying out (including their affiliate program).

The nuts and bolts.

The actual product you are buying here are called ‘Ad Packs’. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be into marketing although if you do have a website or business you’d like traffic for then this is actually very useful… more on that later.

Each Ad Pack gets you 100 website credits, 100 banner credits, 100 text ad credits and 1 login ad credit.

Every time you login to your account you have to view an advert which lasts for about 10 seconds but of course you’re not obliged to log in every day (although it might make sense if you’re compounding your returns).

Again, if you have no interest in marketing then it doesn’t matter, you’re not obliged to do anything with these, but if you do have a business you want to advertise then this could be a great opportunity to get your ad out in front of other business opportunity seekers.

So in reality you are not investing in anything, you are buying advertising and as a bonus you are getting paid a share of their company profits. This is why your capital is not returned after the 125 days as you have effectively spent it on advertising packs.

Naturally, this doesn’t stop you simply buying Ad Packs just to get the daily payouts.

I joined this on 18th October and am pleased to report that I have been paid every day. What surprised me more though was the response from the actual advertising links. Obviously I have a web presence and products to promote so I put in a few links to see how they would do and was amazed to see I made sales from it. The ads actually work. In fact I would be happy to pay for these ad packs even without the daily payments so for me at least this has proven to be a winner.

I appreciate though that most of my readers will only be interested in the potential passive returns and so far everything seems to be as advertised.

I will be contacting Darren Bradbury directly this week with a view to visiting him in person for an interview, and of course will publish that video as soon as I can (probably early next year).

My initial thoughts on this are that I am obviously fairly sceptical that this could well be just another ponzi scheme. However, they are clearly trading successfully on financial markets and they do have advertising revenue through chatabox coming in too so I’m hopeful that this could turn out to be a reasonable passive income opportunity.

Time will tell but with such a low entry point it’s certainly worth a small punt although I won’t be putting £14K into it!

In the meantime, here is a video presentation by Darren of My Passive Trades:

You can join My Passive Trades here