For the last month, I have been trialing a product for those that love automated betting …

Mystery horse bot is a simple piece of software that sits on your VPS (ideally), and watches Betfair exchange prices specifically on UK Horse Racing. Just before race-off, the bot will place BACK bets  on selections in the Win Market that fit a preset criteria (that you are not privy too, nor do you need to be – I guess this selection criteria is the mystery). You can of course run it on your home PC but this will require the PC with a permanent connection to the internet during racing.

The software is simple to install and quite modest in its’ aesthetics with a simple listview on the left hand side showing the races for the day and on the right hand side a list of the bets the bot has placed during racing. The bot will continue to place bets throughout the day until either of two things happen. Either a take profit stop is hit or stop loss is hit. Recommended stops levels are enabled via buttons within the software but these can be overridden with your own preferences if necessary, (there is also a demo mode for you to trial the software if you so wish)
The bots default stop-settings are :  a provisional 3.5 point profit target OR a 6 points loss, (I state provisional as actual figures achieved will be determined by timing between races, if a race is late starting the next race can place bets before the previous result is known).
The bot is set to place its bets 30 seconds before race off and with selections being price related – as prices move rapidly in those last few minutes – not all subscribers will get exactly the same selections as one another.
The bot can place upto three selections in one race and on these occasions it will split the stake equally amoung the selections (this setting can also be overidden if you so wish)


For the purposes of this trial, I will be using £6 stakes and a trial bank of 200 points ie. £1,200

NOTE : One thing that I found a little annoying is that the profit / loss figures reported by the bot, are before Betfair commission has been accounted for, which in terms of a review will of course skew the achieved figures somewhat. I dont think it unreasonable for software to take into account your commission rate and perform the calculations for you as I am sure that most users would be quite keen to know the actual profit/loss figures for any specific day. Given the number of selections per day, this would be a really onerous task for me to do manually with my results so be aware that all figures quoted below are before any Betfair commissions have been considered.


Date P/L
01-Dec -16
02-Dec -25
03-Dec 29
04-Dec -46
05-Dec 42
06-Dec -42
07-Dec 27
08-Dec -23
09-Dec -18
10-Dec 22
11-Dec -31
12-Dec -47
13-Dec 4
14-Dec -30
15-Dec -7
16-Dec 32
17-Dec -42
18-Dec -48
19-Dec -32
20-Dec 40
21-Dec -36
22-Dec -28
27-Dec -48
28-Dec 26
29-Dec 23
30-Dec 34
31-Dec -42
01-Jan 16
02-Jan -48
03-Jan 0
04-Jan -40

13 winning + 19 losing, days

Although software operation has performed admirably during this period, the selections have proven less satisfactory than previous months and we are currently showing a loss of £354 (excluding Betfair fees).

Balance (excl comm.) £846

I would hope January will  make good these figures and bring us into profitable territory.