Generally Cheltenham was difficult for punters this year, but Ben Aitken’s Narrow The Field profiles had a bumper year.

For each of the main 19 races Ben tipped an NTF Selection, an NTF Outsider and a Possible Dosage Buster (A horse that might win despite its bad dosage rating)

These selections performed as follows:

NTF Selection – 19 selections 4 wins at 10/1, 14/1, 5/6 and 6/1. Profit at SP 15.8 points, profit at BSP 28.52 (before commission)

NTF Outsider – 19 selections 1 NR, 3 wins at 14/1, 14/1, 18/1. Profit at SP 31 points, profit at BSP 45.3 (before commission)

Possible Dosage Buster – 20 selections (2 given in 1 race) 3 wins at 7/1, 10/1, 9/1. Profit at SP 9 points, profit at BSP 16.67 points (before commission)

As well as the winners there were also 14 selections placed at prices ranging from 11/4 to 50/1.

Ben has released a free e-book and training video that explains exactly how he finds his selections and you can get it here:


UPDATE October 2011

Has it really been a whole year since I wrote about Ben Aitken’s
Narrow The Field?

It seems like a few months ago!

Well, sorry for the short notice but Bens profiles on this years
National Hunt season is only open until Friday. That’s one day!

If you’re not familiar with what he does, he offers in-depth race
analysis (that you won’t find anywhere else) for around 145 of the
major races in the 2011/12 National Hunt season (including all
major festivals) and includes his own personal selections for each
and every race he analyses.

Subscribers are free to follow these if they wish and are equally
as free to use the in-depth guides to come to their own
conclusions. There are no hiding places, subscribers will be able
to see exactly how he comes to his conclusions so that they can
then follow or go down their own path and use the figures in their
own individual way.

So how did he do last year?

38 winners from 158 selections – 24% S/R – Producing a shade over
50 points profit – there were also 37 of the selections that
finished placed.

Well worth the money and very, very interesting stuff for anyone
that enjoys horse racing, especially as you can make a nice profit
from it too.

If you want it, you have to get it now, otherwise you’ll have to
wait until October 2012 for the next season and miss all the fun
this year.

You can subscribe here (cheap too!):