Poor weather continues to plague this system. The 2 month trial has ended without a single selection this week, but also we draw close to the official end of the National Hunt season.

In 8 weeks we have only managed 23 selections from the race meetings that survived the weather. This is a statistically poor sample from which to extrapolate any conclusions.  If this system was in profit I would not be comfortable approving the system, and so, for the same reasons, I cannot disapprove it either if it was in loss.

I feel the best way to approach this is not to rate it all and schedule a retest at the start of the next season in October. If any rating must be applied then it has to be Neutral.

It follows that there is little point in discussing the results data. For those of you reading this who have bought the system, there appears to be a slight leaning towards using early-bird prices rather than SP; but take heed of the “not enough data” warning here too.