We’re starting a new review on an interesting looking backing system from Betfan. National Hunt Naps boasts some good profit figures for, you guessed it, the National Hunt season.

This system targets the race rather than the horse and you simply back the favourite in very specific races. The system basically shows you how to determine those races.

Finding qualifying races shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each day.

You’re advised to start with a 50 point bank and bet 1 point of a rolling bank on each selection, so you are effectivly betting to 2% of bank, however the below results are to 1 point level stakes.

Results for this season so far, from 2nd October up to 5th January 2013 show a profit of 25.86 points, or just over 51% profit on a 50 point bank, level staking.

Since this system only runs up to the end of March I’ll do a final review then but obviously you won’t then be able to use the system again until October this year, when the next National Hunt Season starts.

You can get National Hunt Naps here: