This is, as the name suggests, a horse racing system that targets specific National Hunt trainers with a proven track record over specific courses.

It comes as a downloadable manual written by Raymond Mills (of Rays Lays) and is available on the same website, and the purchase comes with twelve months access to the daily selections for these systems, so that you don’t need to work them out for yourself.

To give you a flavour of the systems, Ray has created a free PDF that you can download. This gives the system for backing Nicky Henderson’s horses, how it was arrived at, and how it’s performed over the last six seasons, and is certainly worth downloading as you’ll appreciate the quality of the information Ray is offering.

I spoke to Ray about this National Hunt system and to say he is excited about it is an understatement:

“To be honest, I think this system can produce massive profits and I’m actually quite tempted to take it off the market and just use it myself! I worked out how much you’d make if you’d followed it over the last six seasons using it, backing each selection to just 1% of your bank, and it ended up in the billions (not millions). I naturally assumed I’d made a mistake in the spreadsheet formula, but when I checked, it was correct. Obviously, you can’t guarantee it will carry on like that, but so far it has. You’d also have a bit of trouble getting the money on with the UK bookies when you needed to stake about £60million (lol, especially Skybet, who restrict me to £1 on horse racing), but you get my point.”

This system/service has been running since 13th October and the results so far have been mixed, depending on which staking you choose to follow.

If you prefer to bet to level stakes the service has made a loss of -£198.17 to £10 stakes.

If you follow the advised staking plan whereby points are advised for each bet at £2.50 per point to a maximum of 4 points, the service has made a loss of -£82.01 at SP or, surprisingly, a profit of £56.24 (after commission) at Betfair SP.

So it’s not really kicked into anything interesting yet but Ray is confident this could be spectacular.

For now, I would give this a Neutral rating, but I will continue to monitor it and update throughout the year to see if it does become something special.Neutral

You can get the NH Trainer System with a year of free tips here: