Next weekend, on Saturday, a group of individuals will be sitting down behind closed doors at a location near Heathrow airport.

On that day they are going to be shown exactly how to place bets like this:



This is a real screenshot of a real Betfair account in which a winning bet returns over one thousand Euros, and yet every other outcome results in breakeven.

If you could place bets like this, how many would you place?

This bet was set up by Rene Trost, an Austrian who makes £40,000 a year in a couple of hours a day placing risk free bets just like the one above.

Rene is a Grand Master of risk free betting.

We all know about arbing, and making tiny percentages playing the bookies off against one another, but for most of us, it’s far too much work for far too little return.

Rene has uncovered techniques that no-one else has even heard of, that allows him to make really meaty profits without risking his funds.

This isn’t your traditional arb betting… this is something very special.

Rene uses two specific bits of software, one which cost him over £1000 to have coded and the other he used to get the green screen bet above.

Everyone who goes to his seminar on Saturday will be given this software as part of their package and will be able to use it to get bets just like this one.

And that’s just one part of what they’ll be getting.

There are no plans for any further seminars so if you would like to learn these techniques this really is your last chance.

£40,000 a year is enough money to replace most people’s income. It works out to the equivalent of a job paying around £70,000 a year before tax. And most people on that sort of wage generally work more than a couple of hours a day.

But even if you don’t want to quit work, this would certainly make a nice side income for most.

If you’re sick of losing money to the bookies and you’d like to make a genuine, realistic living wage from betting without losing ever again then book a place on Saturday’s seminar, before it’s too late.

Full information available here:

Please note, some people have struggled receiving replies from Rene due to the name of his website (spam filters don’t like it), so if you don’t receive a reply from Rene within 24 hours, contact him at this address:

[email protected]

In fact it’s probably good idea to use this directly.