Members are apparently loving this new service, which has produced 462.5% profits since February 2018, and 30.9% gains since it went live to members just one month ago.

If you’d traded at just 50p stakes and had £200 in your account, that would have grown to £1,125 since February last year.

If you started out with £2,000 in your account, that would now be £11,250.

But places are strictly limited.

I’ve secured early access just for CashMaster readers. So please act promptly to secure one of the tester places for the next 30 days.

Please note that this takes just 10 minutes maximum each day, requires no more than £200 in your account (of course, you can demo trade too, while you’re finding your feet). There’s no chart-watching or patterns to spot. Just simple, once-a-day, set-and-forget trade.

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