Another new sport for me is NHL (Ice Hockey). From Betting Gods, the tipster I am following is NHL Betting Master.

The selections are expected in the afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30. A 100-point bank is advised, so a starting bank of £1,000 to start at our £10 per point standard.

I recorded results using the advised prices and Betfair prices when the email is received. I deducted 2% from Betfair winnings for commission. Where the advised market is not offered by Betfair, I simply added the bookmakers returns to the Betfair column, so Betfair results will be a mixture of exchange & bookmaker.

At the end of the normal CashMaster 13-week trial we had only seen 49 bets. As this is too few bets on which to form an opinion I decided to run the service for longer. 1st March, just a tad under 6 months, seems like a good opportunity to look at the results.

Still only 94 bets though, but 39 points down, which is -£390 using our £10 per point metric. Betfair is even worse at 101.8 points down. However, since mid-December the service is up 0.8 points to advised odds but still 18 points down to BSP.

It is frustrating that maximum bets (9 or 10 points) had 2 wins in 6 bets.

Bets are easily enough to place, you get an email with the bets and advised stake. Betfair didn’t have all the matches but the markets used are 3-way, 2-way and Asian handicap and occasionally total goals.

This service is too far underwater even before subscription costs are added to consider any other rating that failed.

You can get NHL Betting Master here.