A quick update on the no loss bot shows that a further three trades have opened and closed on the EUR/USD since the last update. They are as follows:

Sell 132925 Profit = £50

Sell 132874 Profit = £49.41

Sell 132290 Profit = £71.76

This equates to a total profit of £271.33.

However it has become clear from a further trade that is still open and helpful comments from a blog reader, Paul, that the reason this bot is a no loss bot is that it has no stop loss so effectively wait’s for a correction in the market for the system to profit. This means this could be quite an interesting trial as the drawdowns are going to be very large indeed. This has become apparent as the trade that is open at present on the EUR/USD is currently £480 in the negative a long way for that to correct just to break even.

I expect a bumpy ride with this test, especially as one trade could effectively bust your bank, very scary if this was left unattended on a live account.