Well what a turnaround in the past two days. The trade on the EUR/USD that was £400 pound in the red as predicted reversed to make the target profit. This was quickly followed by two further trades on the EUR/USD.

Total Profit on the EUR/USD = £481.72

Interestingly I have stated previously that the bot sets no stop loss but the second to last trade taken on the EUR/USD did place a stop loss after the trade was taken. It was a sell trade and the stop loss was below the entry price but above the target price so when the stop was triggered it resulted in a profit of £72.44. Obviously the bot places stops in certain situations. But this seems a rare occurrence as has happened once in ten trades.

There have also been two completed trades on the GBP/USD.

Total Profit on the GBP/USD = £98.98

This means the bot has placed 10 trades all of which have met their target or stop loss each making a profit.

Total Profit = £580.70

However, again as a word of warning there is currently a trade open on the EUR/USD that is £300 pound in negative territory, which just highlights the possible drawdown on your bank.