Hi, my name is Stuart and for the next month I intend to trial the No Loss Robot. It is a scalping bot that seems to use common charting indicators to trigger trades. From what I can determine from initial trades it looks to trade with the overall trend after slight corrections in the market and aims for 50 pips a time.

The bot can run on any Meta Trader 4 platform either with a demo or live account. Therefore I have set up a £50,000 demo account with a very conservative 1/100 leverage, so if the bot does what it is intended to I should never lose more than 1% per trade. This seems a very small profit potential and obviously can be increased but it is intended as a high volume system so I will see how we go to start with.

I have set the bot up on a virtual server so that it can run continuously over the next four weeks. The bot was downloaded from a secure site and I followed the detailed video to help incorporate it into Meta Trader 4. This was easy to complete and took around 40 minutes.

I am following four currencies at the moment, which are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY, mainly because these are the four default currencies loaded into the Meta Trader 4 platform I am using. I have resisted the temptation to add more currencies for the time being due to the demand on the broadband bandwidth.

The bot has already placed two trades on the EUR/USD

Sell  133454 Trade Closed 133298 = + £50.71

Sell 133020 Trade Closed 132800 = + £49.45

Total Profit =  £100.16

A good start although I am unsure why only 0.1% of the bank was made, I will monitor it and it may require an increase in the leverage but I am following suggested settings at the moment.

I intended to update the blog daily during the week.